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In last years, in Europe and the US, a new technique has been developed for the change of eye color, Cosmetic Iridoplasty.

This procedure allows to change the color of the eye through the application of a laser safely and accurately, removing the pigment layer from the anterior part of the iris, which is responsible for the color of each eye.

This technique does not allow to choose the final color of the eye, but if it allows to clarify them, and in some cases, leave them a green or blue color.

For now the procedure is only available for light brown, amber, hazel or green eyes. It is not available on dark brown eyes.

Do you long to have clear eyes? Today that dream is possible

Eye color types

color-cafe (1)

Brown eyes

ambar (1)

Amber eyes

avellana (1)

Hazel eyes

color-verde (1)

Green eyes

color-azul (1)

Blue eyes

Today the ancient desire of clear eyes is clinically and technologically possible.

This procedure consists of the application over the iris of a YAG Laser. The Yag Laser has
been widely used in Ophthalmology for its safety in emitting large amounts of energy in a very short period of time (Q-switched). This energy allows to eliminate (Photodisruption) selectively the focused point without altering the neighboring tissues.

The laser is focused on the anterior pigment layer of the iris. This layer is composed of melanocytes that contain melanin inside which is what gives the color to the iris. The blue irises do not have this pigment layer, the green irises have very little developed and the brown irises always have it, being thicker while the brown is darker.

The procedure is painless and is performed on an outpatient basis.