Claudio D.

28 years old, Engineer, Santiago.

“I always wanted to get that spot out of my eye. Now that the technology exists, I did not hesitate and I am very happy with the result.”

Cristina I.

45 years old, Doctor, Santiago.

“I am very happy with the result, I have the same color eyes that my grandmother had. On the other hand, my exams are still normal, which leaves me very calm.”

Susana N.

38 years old, Early Childhood Educator, Viña del Mar

“The procedure is completely painless, the recovery is very fast and the result exceeded my expectations. ”

Alex Z.

39 years old, Doctor, Santiago.

“I like the color of my eyes but I had some spotes that I wanted to get. In one session they disappeared. It turned out very well.”

Katherine V.

49 years old, Teacher, Rancagua.

“I’m very happy with the result, it’s a procedure that really works.”

Sandra H.

49 years old, Researcher, Santiago.

“The procedure is safe and effective. Post procedure exams proved to be safe. Dr. Schiappacasse was very attentive and warm, he gave me a lot of confidence.”

Ian M.

47 years old, Engineer, Viña del Mar.

“The procedure helped me improve my self-esteem, the change was very noticeable and I feel more confident about myself. I also felt very calm to see that Dr. Schiappacasse was always worried about the safety of my eyes.”

José D.

27 years old, Mechanic, Santiago.

“The change was very noticeable, the procedure does not hurt anything. I would recommend it anyway.”

Diego P.

37 years, Machine Operator, Valparaíso.

“The treatment fulfilled 100% of my expectations. I am very happy with the result.”

Alejandra A.

29 years old, Designer, Santiago.

“I´m very happy with the result, I feel that my face lit up with the color change.”

Francisca D.

43 years, Psychologist, Antofagasta.

“I really liked the result of the procedure. I recommend it.”

Carolina O.

41 years old, Commercial Engineer, Santiago

“The result is fantastic. Now I have clear eyes like most of my family. At no time did I have any discomfort.”